Residential Real Estate Practice

A residence is not only the single largest personal investment that individuals will likely make during their lifetime, but invariably involves personal issues and preferences which require special attention and sound advice. The cooperative and condominium forms of ownership so prevalent in the New York metropolitan area present many unique and significant legal, economic and practical considerations which require a knowledgeable professional with superior skills, perhaps never so true as in the case of a newly constructed or converted condominium project. Whether the client is a first-time home buyer or seasoned real estate veteran, the Firm's members, experienced and well-versed in the purchase, sale, financing and rental of residential real estate, carefully examine the contemplated investment, focus on the needs of the client and negotiate terms to best protect the client's interests and to achieve the client's goals.

The Firm is also called upon to counsel clients and perform less typical tasks involving residential real estate, such as the preparation of a co-ownership agreement between two or more individual owners of a residence, who may be domestic partners, siblings and other relatives or not related at all, to provide for the circumstances under which the real property or the individuals' respective interests in it, as well as furniture and other personal property, may be sold, transferred, mortgaged, leased or otherwise disposed of.

Regardless of the nature of the matter, simple or complex, typical or not, the client will always receive responsive, cost-effective and high-quality representation.

Representative Matters